What is perlite?

Perlite is a type of volcanic ore that after processing in the factory, its volumetric mass can be reduced from about 1400 kg / m3 in a wide range of densities up to 40 kg / m3. Perlite in this range of density change has become a type of white gold that causes special properties in this stone and its very high use in various industries.

building industry

Agriculture industry

Textile industry

Paint industry

Petrochemical industry

Food and drug industry

Livestock and poultry or birds

Filtration industry

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is expanded perlite?

Expanded perlite is a light granular material that is usually made from natural volcanic rock expanded by heat to form a cellular structure.

What is perlite in agriculture?

Adding perlite to the soil has important advantages, including its high water absorption and retention rate, which prevents water evaporation and keeps the water in the soil for a long time. The wetness of the soil makes the soil’s need for water less, thus preventing soil nutrients from being washed away. The presence of pores in perlite along with soil increases the exchange of materials and soil, and the roots of plants grow easily in the soil. Since chemicals and acids do not affect it, and because of its very high water absorption properties, it is widely used in agriculture and horticulture and greenhouses.

How can perlite be used in the construction industry?

Perlite can be mixed with cement in different proportions and make lightweight pieces. Perlite mortar is lighter than cement mortar and its thermal conductivity is low and its sound absorption is more. Perlite plates can be prepared with the help of an adhesive such as plaster. These plates are light in weight and are used as sound and thermal insulation.

Also, due to its lightness, sound and heat insulation properties, perlite is used in the preparation of insulated prefabricated walls, plaster, in building facades, in the preparation of lightweight prefabricated parts, and also as an additive in the preparation of lightweight concrete.

Can you make money from perlite?

Considering the various uses of perlite, you can make money by buying this product and mixing it with soil for agricultural purposes or making perlite blocks for the construction industry.

What are the properties of perlite in different industries?

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